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In early 2016 Belvoir Castle and the surrounding farm and estate used to attract a fairly large amount of crime and attempted break ins or tress-passing. Towards the end of 2016 the Duke and Duchess of Rutland decided enough was enough and decided to get in touch with Nick and Josh Pacey the directors of Town and Country Watch, with 25 years experience in the industry they knew they were in safe hands...


We visited the area and decided what equipment we needed install to secure the area effectively. We deployed a full 4k CCTV system as-well as smart gate system around the castle, estates and farm with 24/7 monitoring from our specialist secure monitoring centre based in Grantham.

If any unwanted activity is observed by our specialist staff we contact designated contacts and notify the Police where necessary.

We have seen the unwanted activity around the area plummet and everyone is feeling much happier with peace of mind that the estate and area is secure.


How We Protected The Site...

  • Hikvision ANPR Cameras with residents and contractors registration number white listed so the gate opens automatically with little inconvenience.

  • Hikvision PTZ cameras that can be moved by operator and move automatically at night if movement is detected.

  • Hikvision Bullet cameras for a great quality general view of specified area. With line crossing technology enabled so our monitoring centre is alerted when activity is detected past the specified line. Equipped with full night vision.

  • Hikvision Turret cameras these are also for a great quality general view but are smaller than the turret and can get a better angled view of the specified area. Also equipped with full night vision and line crossing technology.

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