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Retrieving footage from a DVR or NVR.

Step 1

Log in to your DVR. 

You should have been given the password when we completed the installation if not please get in touch with us and we won't hesitate to tell you.

Step 2

Go to the playback tab. This can also be accessed by right clicking anywhere on the screen and clicking 'Playback'.

  • Select the camera you need footage from.

  • Select the date of the footage.

  • Tap or click register in the app or on web browser.

  • Read the privacy notice and click or tap agree if you're happy.

  • Select United Kingdom as your country.

  • Enter in your email and password; the password must be over 8 characters with: lower case characters, upper case characters and numbers.

  • You will then receive an email confirming your email. This sometime goes to your junk folder, so make sure you check if you don't receive the email first time.

  • Then log into the account you've just created.

You will now be ready for our installers to give you access to your cameras.
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