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We were contacted by a large equipment hire firm based in the East Midlands looking for peace of mind on their high value assets. They own a large yard where all of their vast array of equipment is stored which needed securing with our top of the range cameras. We also installed trackers on almost all of their vehicles...


We installed specialist immobilising trackers onto almost all of their plant. Meaning they can be remotely tracked and immobilised no matter where they are 24/7...

We were very pleased to offer the full package to the company. We continue to monitor their cameras and trackers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our specialist staff from our monitoring centre. We are very glad to have such a long lasting relationship and continue to provide our services long into the future.


How We Protected The Firm...

  • Specialist high quality 4G immobiliser vehicle and machinery trackers.

  • Hikvision PTZ cameras that can be moved by operator and move automatically at night if movement is detected.

  • Hikvision Bullet cameras for a great quality general view of specified area. With line crossing technology enabled so our monitoring centre is alerted when activity is detected past the specified line. Equipped with full night vision.

  • Hikvision Turret cameras these are also for a great quality general view but are smaller than the turret and can get a better angled view of the specified area. Also equipped with full night vision and line crossing technology.

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