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After successfully securing the castle for over 2 and a half years the castle management got in touch with us regarding the new venue they were in the process of opening: 'The Engine Yard'. Not only did they want to protect the premises from crime, but they must also must have CCTV in operation as part of their bar license.


We were glad to return to the area to provide the new venue and buildings with a quote to secure the premises to the same high standards we maintain at the castle. We managed to turn the quote around in 2 days and the premises were fully secured within a week after our initial quote date. 

Now being the sole security provider for Belvoir castle and estates we have built a brilliant relationship and they continue to be very happy with the products and services we provide them at Town and Country Watch.


How We Protected The Site...

We installed extremely high quality PTZ cameras covering: the entrance to the premises, the car park and retail outlets. Giving the staff, customers and vendors piece of mind that the area is secure. All of which being monitored 24/7. We also installed high quality turret cameras throughout the retail outlets and café/bar.

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